WhatsApp Business has launched its very own business friendly version for brands to start using their platforms to do business. With almost every single user using WhatsApp many businesses are changing their mode to connect with their customers via WhatsApp as it seems to have many benefits.

Firstly, say goodbye to Spam folder and different email gateway for your notifications. Since faster reply time from customers are guaranteed in this platform many companies are switching to WhatsApp Automation to increase their business in total.

With Ping Magix WhatsApp Business Management tool you can easily make that transition from email to WhatsApp without disturbing any of your current setup.

Ping Magix WhatsApp Business Message Broadcaster is a simple but yet a powerful application that allows you to conduct your newsletters via WhatsApp Business.

The best part of this whole solution is that if your WhatsApp Business is registered to an established business then our platform does not charge you any fees to send WhatsApp messages to your customers.

You can get started in minutes. Simply signup from our website and our team will get in touch with you to get you started in no time.

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