Sending mass messages across to your clients has never been much easier. With Ping Magix you can send/manage mass messages to your clients with automation. Below are some of things you can’t beat Ping Magix when it comes to mass messaging services for WhatsApp Business.

1. Manage your WhatsApp campaigns sender number, sender name and sender message.
2. While most vendors deactivate your phone number from WhatsApp Business when you are hooked to their platform to do the sending
3. Avoid paying separate for account setup, your customer replies.
4. Don’t worry about Spam compliance, we have one-click unsubscribe for your WhatsApp Marketing.
7. Our all-in-one WhatsApp Business management is Singapore DNC/GDRP compliance.

Let us not forget that Ping Magix offers Green-Tick application for all account signups and they charge early so you can avoid missing your monthly renewals. It is made so affordable that now, that all can do WhatsApp Marketing and it is easy to grow their business after the post covid-19 pandemic.

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